Friday, September 30, 2011

Modern and comfortable apartment in Norden Family

Construction home sweet home is the dream of every AOS. Located in the old villages in the Sugar Bowl, below the end of their stay, combined with modern design and natural materials. exterior design
This new house is surrounded by wonderful environment in the snow as much as 8.9 feet tall pines trees. Designed with simple, flat, curved roof form, the house is able to collect on the roof of snow and throw it into the rear of the structure. contemporary home
The roof is made with a view to allow the snow falls from the entrance and pedestrian traffic. The house is built on a concrete plinth, which allows the snow grows around it. wooden home
house, the structure of OA is ready to ensure a good view for the whole room and comfortable shelter during the winter. It contains two volumes, Sugar Bowl Residence is almost finished in solid cedar clad with large glazed.
front door
clear glass doors are installed as the main entry to the first volume. On the ground floor is a strong cedar clad volume that is used to store for shoes, kids, OA and guest rooms and public utilities.
living room
living room is decorated with comfortable sofas, a warm rug, table and chairs with large windows, allowing sunlight to fill out the views and sofa design
Wall fireplace offers a warm welcome to the living room and dining room, which is located on the same level. Touch wood material allows the interior look even more comfortable. dining room
kitchen is quite small, but beautiful because of the warm wood floors and furniture. Windows are also installed in this area in order to allow you to enjoy the view while preparing meals and eating breakfast corridor design
is installed on a corridor with lots of pendant lighting which makes it looks bright. Wooden stairs lead to move to a higher level. stairs design
main staircase complementary glass walls on two floors, which provide a single vertical point of view of pines and the surrounding area and let natural light fill the space above. glass windows
upper edge serves as a living space and bedroom Master Suite you enjoying the mountain view. In order to ensure a dramatic atmosphere, elegant chandelier was installed. bunk bed
Kid bedroom OA, which is located on the first level is complimented with bunk beds in a modern design, but clean. modern bedroom
There's also a cozy place for reading or study rooms on the first floor, which is decorated with modern furniture and modern. master bedroom
bedroom looks very clean, with a high soft bed and glazing large. bathroom
and white TV in the bathroom you can use the bath during experiments to see the view outside. Made by John Maniscalco Architecture , this modern residence, the interior of OA has been designed from a palette of chestnut, fir, concrete and steel strikes, in order to ensure a balance between the warm and rustic atmosphere of the mountains home. Enjoy the pictures.

Beautiful apartment in a classic style

Located in Moscow, Flats below is finished in the neoclassical style. Apartment is divided into two stories in accordance with the wishes of the owners. Most rooms are designed in an apartment in the same colors, but each room has its unique character. On the floor of several rooms, such as a hall with a living room, dining room and home theater. room becomes the center housing, which is complemented with a comfortable sofa, coffee table. The private area is located on the floor, which consists of a bedroom, a nanny and a children's playroom. bedroom is designed with a comfortable bed, and gray. Rounded and elegant bath sink is ideal for the bathroom. Check out the images.

living area

modern sofa

dining area

study room

comfy bed


3 batteries for outstanding Elegant Bathroom Design

Faucet maybe a small device in the bathroom, but it can be an incredible addition, if you can get the right one. Complete your bathroom with this unique collection of batteries from various well-known manufacturers. These smart batteries bathroom are decorated with Swarovski crystals, which make it a true piece of the city center. Let's look at the first set, which is presented by an Italian company Webert . Entitled battery Azet bathroom, this modern element has a minimalist look. The battery is available in chrome treatment and dressed with Swarovski crystals.

luxury fixture

stylish faucet

Next project comes from Fir Italia that comes with a battery luxurious bathroom. The battery is designed in a combination of Swarovski crystals, and metals such as chromium, nickel, silver, bronze, gold and antiques. Such a battery bathroom will more than just a little touch of luxury to its place.

golden faucet

closer look

last collection Sense is X Limited Edition, which is produced by Newform . This elegant, the battery is also adorned with Swarovski crystals that will take your bathroom to the next level of style.

closer look

modern faucet