Friday, September 30, 2011

Rustic Bedroom Decorating Style

Currently a rustic-style decor bedroom has a characteristic blend of rugged yet enchanting, simple but has the quality. When redecorating your room privacy, do not forget the elements of wood, objects with a rough surface but still have to realize that all the elements that should form one line of simple design.

In the style of rustic design, the floor should be selected material made from wood, then put a layer of wax (which is polished by hand). It could also be a wooden floor is painted with bright paint colors and then add the rug to create a warm impression in the room.

As for the selection of furniture in rustic style design, you can consider furniture from teak or pine wood. Form design, suitable chair is usually a rocking chair, rattan furniture, benches. Try to develop your creativity and imagination to incorporate the concept of the outside environment (forests) into the interior of your residence.

To enhance the rough on the furniture, you can do by rubbing all parts of the furniture wearing a wire brush to rough up the paint began peeling off layers of color then wipe with a damp cloth and jemurlah. Once the furniture is dry, given a little paint protective coating (varnish) and dried.

Rustic-style decor can also be strengthened through the selection of accessories in your bedroom, such as brass candlesticks, oil lamps, hurricane lamps, baskets of wood or rattan as a fruit or a flower. Keep in mind that the rustic style is synonymous with natural colors and natural elements such as red brick, brown, white, green.