Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dream Homes: OM House by Studio Guilherme Torres

Located in Londrina, Brazil, the OM House by Studio Guilherme Torres was designed for a couple who wanted a living space that could accommodate their weekend family gatherings. The result was a home designed by young Brazilian architect that embraced somewhat of a Zen element, and consisted of two big blocks perpendicularly crossed in a 400sqm area.

The materials selected embrace the warm and minimalist color palette, primarily browns and whites utilized throughout the house, and helps to warm an otherwise potentially colder space. The project used few coating materials, which were easily accessible and found in the region. The rusty texture on the brick walls was done directly on the plaster. The house floors as well as some walls are a mix of cement planks and wood rulers. The French windows in the bedrooms were built in wood by local craftsmen, for a more economical and sustainable alternative.

One highlight of the house that makes it stand out is the fact that it contains two swimming pools, one for guests and one for the owner, in addition to three large bedrooms, a living room and a “discreet” laundry room.