Thursday, September 29, 2011

Modern Dream Homes : The Smart House

This innovative smart house is located in Warsaw, Poland. What’s so great about this home is that the exterior, which is originally designed to resemble a castle, can physically transform into a modern luxury home that opens up to nature. When the owner is away, the home is closed up to resemble a bunker or a secret building with no apparent doors or windows. As soon as the owner reaches the main gate, the home is transforms by operable panels that reveal the actual home.

The transformed home features open rooms, large glass walls and massive windows. Despite the large, grey fortress-like exterior, the openness of the rooms and large windows make the home seem airy and fluid. Large views expose the interior rooms to the landscape and bring nature into the home. There are also large doors and operable panels that open up the home to allow natural ventilation.

Other attractive amenities of the smart home include ground level and upper level patios and terraces. In another portion of the home is an indoor pool, which can be seen through large blue-tinted glass windows. The interior design style is modern and minimalist to reflect the modern architectural design.