Friday, September 30, 2011

African-style decoration ideas

Modern, depending on which region you choose as your inspiration interior design. You can try using the unique patterned textiles and handmade furniture and accessories that adds an exotic impression of the room. Always start from the room you use most often to spend most of your time.

For decorating the bathroom, you can try creativity through the use of bamboo as a wall and window coverings. Then the selection of a slightly oval wooden tub and putting some water plants on the side of the room. Remember to put the plant near the window, so still get sunlight. Also use a little wax from wood with a natural shape around the tub. Place two wooden masks on either side of the bathroom mirror, as well as complementary accessories can be applied to the gauze on the ceiling above the bathtub.

Install the front door of your house with a Moroccan-style wooden doors, carved doors to the installation of this Moroccan style to your liking, it helps to use the services of an interior designer or contractor so that you do not risk having the doors installed Moroccan origin. In addition, in the living room or front porch, Moroccan rugs can be used so that the nuances of Africa will be increasingly felt in all parts of your interior space.

While in the bedroom, you can be creative for almost any decor accessories and furniture made from natural materials like wood and bamboo. Laying a big fan on the ceiling of the bedroom, and the use of mosquito net on windows, the mattress and the ceiling will further enrich the exotic look of Africa that you want.