Friday, September 30, 2011

Refreshment House Interior Design Ideas

Colorful interior can bring so much fun feeling at home. Located in Ostermalm of Stockholm, the apartment below shows how to decorate a very small living space with lots of colors. interior design
Measuring 87 square meters, the apartment is very nicely decorated and bright because there are several clear windows. The living room is equipped with a comfortable sofa in brown, red chair, shelves, TV, and a wooden table. sofa design
Other accessories, such as carpet, wall paintings, vases and blue curtains make the room feel more alive. lighting design
Next to the living room is a room which is accessed by sliding glass doors. dining room Meanwhile in the dining room is located in front of the room. Finished with a wooden table, some of the walls and mirrors floor lamps, dining room looks very charming. fireplace
and a fireplace is installed in this area too, which make you feel the heat during the dinner. kitchen design
The kitchen is very smart and modern, with wood stove store and white. The kitchen is quite small, but can cook breakfast, lunch or dinner comfortably. There is no glass door that connects the kitchen to the balcony area, allowing enough sunlight to fill the room. bedroom design
Turning to the private space, a bedroom, you will be approved by a comfortable bed, and minimalist black shelving. The bedroom is complete with an expansive window that is covered by a beautiful black and white curtains. wardrobe design
White cabinet is installed on the walls, providing enough storage space for carrying jackets, coats, clothes, shoes and bags. small bedroom
This two-bedroom apartment is another small bedroom, ideal for children or guest room. bathtub
The bathroom has a bath and shower. So, you can choose a relaxing bath or invigorating shower. shower room
White becomes the background color of the bathroom and can add a washing machine in the bathroom for less space. Check out the images.