Friday, September 30, 2011

they say if your going to start anywhere start big

or is it dream big? well you can most certainly do both with this post, because today we are talking luxary homes and not just the kind that have beautiful furnishings but the kind that have 50 seat cinemas, swimming pools both inside and out, heated marble driveways and more rooms thank one family could possible need even if the in law and a football team of cousins arrived on your doorstep.....todays post is the houses for sale for the rich and quite possibly famous.
1st up is a games room from a house worth over 12 million at first it may seem like mearly any old games room but when u look closer you will seen that the room is covered in gold leaf and the walls covered in silk making this room a little more special and definatly deserves its place in the dream home if for nothing else that pool tabel will keep any husband quiet for definatly 20 minutes.

and now to the heart of the home what more could you want than granite worktops all mod cons not to mention a plasma t.v but for me being the excellent food eater that i am i find that im most draw to the fact that there is not 1 but 2 fridges!
now what self respecting power house would be compleat without a wine celler and this one i must say is one of the prittier ones its located in a chatue worth more than 75 million so in order to own it you might want to start saving your pennys or try building one of your own.
now i no what your thinking why has she chosen the stairway from the titanic? its not but it is from the same time and holds all the elements of grandure that the titanic did, beautifully turned wood detailed carpet and the finishing touches on the roof and the lights.
ok i had to do it, it is a dream house after all so yes it is a ballroom. who knows when you might need one right i mean if nothing else you are difinatly going to have enough space to put up a pretty decent christmas tree, and you know what they say about people with big trees......big presents.
so i was a little out there with the ballroom but cinema rooms seem to be ten a penny nowadays so here is one just for good measure.
so inside is done of course there would be a few more rooms and the master bedroom which you are probably wondering about, well i had planned on putting that in but then i figured out that in my heaad i have the master bedroom made so perfectly that i could not find a picture that would 'do' so i skipped it totally and have moved on to this beautiful pool. it just exsused luxary.

and now for the front of house the part that has to be the show stopper to WOW people from 1st sight the outside must be perfect thats why i chose...drum roll please.....

yes, Buckingham Palace ambitious yes doable maybe but im not sure how the Queen of England would feel about me making the changes above to the place, but i suppose if it came with my very own prince charming and Kate Middleton as my new BFF id be willing to make a few sacrifices and chances are within that demure exteriour they probably have a ballroom or two and its a long shot but im betting they have a cinema in there somewhere.