Friday, September 30, 2011

Waterfront Apartment Interior Design

house or apartment should be designed as comfortable as possible. This apartment is located in the beautiful Lake Wakatipu with views of the water and mountains. This luxury apartment has been designed with a large amount of glazing to maximize light during the day, and calls on the outside in. The apartment has a large balcony that allows you to relax during the adoration of the views of the surroundings. The concept of open space to let it feel very spacious flats, and spacious. Living room overlooks the balcony, where you can enjoy a beautiful view outside. Finished with an elegant bed and the wall-mounted fireplace can be a perfect place to meet. Room offers fine New Zealand wool carpets, Italian design kitchen, bathroom porcelain, floor heating and many others. It is a real luxury place to live, overlooking the lake and the Central Otago landscape. More about this property here .

lake view

wooden dining table

elegant sofa


italian kitchen

<88880037> clean bedroom

modern bathroom