Friday, September 30, 2011

Urban Chic Apartment Design Ideas

comfortable apartment or house is the dream of everyone. While only you can rent or buy a small flat, it does not mean that you can have a comfortable apartment. Look at the picture gallery below, and you will find compact apartment , which looks spacious. Throw Open takes place in the lounge, which contains a device to seat guests, table with chairs and a small kitchen. Next to the kitchen, comfortable bedroom is located. A large screen in the floral vinyl is mainly used as a separator between the kitchen and bedroom, but also works pretty decorative element. The bedroom has a large wardrobe, double bed and some shelves to store many of these things. The bathroom is used as a laundry room, and saves more space. The apartment is equipped with a gray and lime accent, which can bring a fresh and relaxing atmosphere to the interior.

living area

white table

grey sofa

sliding door

small bedroom

compact kitchen

small bathroom

white toilet