Friday, September 30, 2011

Charming duplex apartment Interior Design

This is not just a selection of furniture, paint on a wall or a room the size of the apartment in the house. We need to combine style and taste to create a cozy apartment, like the sample below. armchair
furnished in Scandinavian style, the apartment is very stylish, spacious and bright. About the size of about 92 square meters with 3, 5 rooms, modern apartment features tall windows, high ceiling with 3, 15 m
bedroom design
. In the master bedroom is located on the lower level and is complemented with a high bed, a cozy reading chair, white carpet, two lamps and a mirror of fashion. stylish bed
small studio for painting and storing collections of art is the same floor of the bedroom. gallery design
Although the lower level is decorated with exposed brick and wooden ceiling, but can provide a charming ambience, rather than rustic. sofa design
Modern staircase will lead you to a higher level, where you can find comfortable lounge with a white sofa and wall stickers funny dog. TV room
TV on the wall is added to the field to allow the owner of watching your favorite TV program or movie while hanging with friends. hallway
front foyer is the only area is covered by tile -. and of course the bathroom study room
small cabinet is located near the living room and looks very comfortable in a simple desk and chair.
wood floor
is a renovated duplex apartment has a kitchen that can be reached by stairs from the bedroom below.
kitchen design
The kitchen is also finished in white and is equipped with all amenities that you'll need. Completed with a lot of the kitchen can keep all the utensils and tools for cooking and cook books as well.
dining room
simple dining room with chairs and a black round white table is next to the kitchen. shower room
A shower is playing a role as a dry well to help you more space. This solution is ideal for implementation in the city's small house or apartment. Thus, creating a serene, minimalist and cozy apartment is not that difficult right? We hope to inspire you.