Friday, September 30, 2011

What is your dream house

Do you wish your house is just for you to have a place to live in, to block sun light and rain or a place to settle? That's mean your dream is not BIG enough.

Think it... A house can let you to have a lot of thing inside. A indoor swimming pool, gym, library, mini theater, and lots of things.
I have some ideas for my dream house to share:

Mansion with a beutiful garden.

Mansion which locate at the seaside.

Indoor swimming pool.

And, a mini library, a gym, a mini theater, a large dinning room, a indoor basket ball court, and many more. Hmm.. one more, a room like a cyber cafe to let my friends to play together. What game? Dota of course. haha

Do you get some ideas for your dream house already? Maybe you will have a better idea for your dream house. Make it bigger and share it to people around you.