Friday, September 30, 2011

Lucky Indeed

Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 7.28.25 AM

Last night I was catching up on my reading (thank you NYTimes app!) and noticed (like many other bloggers) that Lucky had been undergoing some internal changes. Once a glossy that was right up my alley, I ultimately canceled my subscription mid-year at one point because it was just too casual for my taste. They'd taken boho too far and become (is it awful if I say this?) hobo. Outfits were sloppy, fashion was dreary (how many too-long cardigans and peasant tops does anyone really need?). Heck, even the Olsen twins had outgrown the look, yet the magazine marched on month after month telling me I needed easy, breezy laid back style ans sensible flats.

I'd never canceled a subscription before, if I mag doesn't fit I typically let the subscription run down and don't subscribe again. But those somber issues actually annoyed me when they arrived. But this was clearly a Venti Girl emergency. Someone, please... send in the sequins and the stilettos! I sent them a note explaining my departure and just like that my relationship with Lucky was through. Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 7.28.17 AM

Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 7.28.06 AM

Fortunately this is all in the past. There's a new sheriff (er... editor) in town, Brandon Holley that has replaced previous editor Kim France. This fashion rebel is fearless when it comes to rescuing sinking ships. You may know her from Jane or Shine (New Yorker's might recall her opening night bartending stint at Max Fish).

Justin ushered in the return of sexy, but Brandon may delight us by bringing Domino back. Recent issues are littered with home goods and there's talk of bringing on Jack Spade (Kate's fashionable husband) and launching Lucky Kids and Lucky Home this year. That's right. Two new glossies to hit the stands this year. It was only a matter of time before someone did it.

Can she resurrect the mag? Can she transform it from drab to fab? I always want businesses and publications to succeed. So I do believe it's possible. If she can make me a subscriber again (and the shelter & kids mags would be guarantees that she can) it's a win for everyone.