Thursday, September 29, 2011

Modern Dream Homes : Residence Roosendaal by Oomen Architects

When I imagine a super sexy, luxurious modern home in nestled away in The Netherlands, this is definitely the type of home I picture. The house designed by Oomen Architects oozes all things modern, chic, artsy… fact, I could see super models lounging here, painters painting out by the pool, actors and actresses drinking champagne on the lawn…it’s THAT kind of house.

The residence itself aims for a synthesis between the indoor and the outdoor space and achieves that goal with details like raising the living room 80 centimeters, to get a wider view. Transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces are characterised by windows that are sunk deeply into the facade, allowing the light to guide the transition. With daylight pouring through the windows, reflecting off the white of the walls you never have to worry that the house will need “airing out.” The architects made sure that maximum chic was accomplished!