Friday, September 30, 2011

Room Decoration With Tropical Style

In the home interior decoration, tropical style display never create an impression of heat. Structuring a relaxed and warm with natural colors and cool textures make the room unique and offers a relaxing environment theme. Some common accessories include stylish tropical flowers like orchids and hibiscus and the use of brightly colored curtains. Some characteristics are ornaments of other tropical birds and tropical animals like monkeys and tigers. If you plan to decorate the entire room with tropical style, the selection of nature such as bamboo-patterned wallpaper will greatly strengthen the impression of a tropical in the room.

Selection of furniture should also be themed nature, select natural tropical wood such as rattan, teak, and bamboo along with colored beads. Detailed selection of tropical themed decorations can come to a selection of brightly colored lampshade colors or natural colors (green, brown earth, blue sea), as well as for the selection of sofas and furniture colors.

As for the selection of material, if you include people who care about the issue of Global Warming? and Go Green? do not worry because it now has many outstanding selection of artificial materials patterned with natural elements.