Friday, September 30, 2011

Garden Inside Your Home

Comfort of a home is not only determined by the extent and luxurious furnishings accessories you have. Interior state of the stuffy room, high humidity levels and dark lighting would make residential uncomfortable, that’s usually made of a space opening in the roof of the residence, which is often also referred to as a patio. But did you know that the patio can also function as a beautiful garden in your residence.

Here are some steps you can employ to make the patio in your home into a beautiful garden and attractive.

1. Choose the type of plant that is easy in maintenance and does not require too much sun. The types of plants such as the palms, pandanus Bali and anthurium plants.

2. To beautify the decor, you can add a fish pond with fountain.

3. Use rocks to fill elements in the area of ​​land that looks empty. Types of rocks that you can choose include sandstone, coral and stone temples.

4. Install a roof of a transparent material, or choose a glass tile so that the lighting that goes in the house is maintained properly. Or if you want to let the roof is open, you can install a permanent trellis and screens so that in addition to preventing the entry of mosquitoes will also serve as a breaking rainfall.

5. You also can choose several types of plants in pots that can be arranged in accordance with the composition and proper arrangements to beautify your garden decor as well as filling the empty patio.

By presenting a patio in your home, the two gains of the additional openings in the room so that air and light can freely reach the interior and the decor you get percantikan that beautify your home as a family.