Friday, September 30, 2011

3 batteries for outstanding Elegant Bathroom Design

Faucet maybe a small device in the bathroom, but it can be an incredible addition, if you can get the right one. Complete your bathroom with this unique collection of batteries from various well-known manufacturers. These smart batteries bathroom are decorated with Swarovski crystals, which make it a true piece of the city center. Let's look at the first set, which is presented by an Italian company Webert . Entitled battery Azet bathroom, this modern element has a minimalist look. The battery is available in chrome treatment and dressed with Swarovski crystals.

luxury fixture

stylish faucet

Next project comes from Fir Italia that comes with a battery luxurious bathroom. The battery is designed in a combination of Swarovski crystals, and metals such as chromium, nickel, silver, bronze, gold and antiques. Such a battery bathroom will more than just a little touch of luxury to its place.

golden faucet

closer look

last collection Sense is X Limited Edition, which is produced by Newform . This elegant, the battery is also adorned with Swarovski crystals that will take your bathroom to the next level of style.

closer look

modern faucet