Friday, September 30, 2011

Contemporary apartment interior design idea

is a beautiful home decoration done by the Russian interior designer, Elizabeth Chegarova. Large mirror in the hallway can be a nice impression and make the room look larger. Clean, efficient and modern becomes the main character of the apartment. It's the perfect combination of modern furniture and elegant suite makes it look very stylish. This well-organized apartment is furnished with wooden floor and a very nice electric system. Open plan, peace be more spacious and livable. shade, furniture, plants and lamps make the apartment feel more comfortable. Attractive part of this apartment is a bathroom design that gives the luxury of a whirlpool bath. The bathroom is designed with decorative wall tiles, which offer the beauty of nature. The wooden part is filled with the touch of a bathroom. This apartment decor can inspire you to create luxurious and modern living space. For more information visit Chegarova Design site. [Photos: Ivan Sorokin ]

luxury sofa

modern kitchen

white dining table

big mirror

white tub

wood floor