Friday, September 30, 2011

Modern apartment with stylish interior design

Everyone will love to live in a beautiful, modern and bright apartment design . We appreciate the contemporary style of the apartment below, which could combine the comfort and warmth of feeling.
living room Apartment located on the fifth floor of the 7th floor of the building in the district of Goteborg, Linnestaden. Open floor concept applies to the unit looks spacious. Large bright windows are installed in the living room offers enough sunlight to flood the room. sofa design comfortable sofa, coffee table minimalist white shelves, TV lounge complete unit, offering a place to relax watching TV or meet friends. Contemporary pendant lighting, carpet, wall paintings and vases to make room more beautiful. kitchen design
The kitchen is quite small, but it is well decorated with lots of white. Beautifully decorated with solid surface work and planned the kitchen lighting is comfortable enough to prepare meals. kitchen cabinet
You can keep all kitchen utensils, tools or other things in the kitchen cabinet and allows you to look neat and clean.
dining room
Next to the kitchen is the dining room which is decorated with easy chairs and a table. Lovely wall decoration features a stylish look in this small dining room and glass let you enjoy a bit of the outside view while eating breakfast or lunch. bookcase design
apartment is complemented by a study which is equipped with a spacious room with a desk, chair and bookcase.
study room
study was designed to sunlight and so simple arrangements, which make it a cozy place to work or simply read a book. bedroom design
Going to a private room, you'll find beautiful floral wallpaper, cozy white bed and large wardrobe. wardrobe design
may be small in the bedroom, but it can fit all the necessary furniture and looks very comfortable as well. kids room
Besides the bedroom, the apartment also has a small room for a child's room or you can also use it as a room.
crib design
finished most of the furniture in combination with white and pink, the bedroom has a double as a playroom as well. A child in the bedroom looks very funny and I'm sure kids will love to stay in the middle. laundry room
laundry room is located in the same place with a bathroom in order to save more space. bathroom
Clean and minimalist shower provides a refreshing shower experience. balcony
Besides, all these rooms, the apartment has a small balcony, which are accessible from the bedroom through the glass doors. Sheltered balcony is the perfect place to enjoy views of the countryside.