Thursday, September 29, 2011

Modern Dream Homes : P-house by Tamizo Architects Group

Talented Tamizo Architects Group designed the modern interior of the above home in the eastern Poland town of Łubki. The contemporary interior design is similar to other interior jobs by the firm, as Tamizo has a distinct, yet refined interior décor aesthetic.

The interior of the P-house is very precise with orthogonal lines and straightforward colors. Together the décor elements create a simple but intriguing inside to the home. The home features white walls, window curtains and ceilings, light wooden paneling, floors and furniture, in addition to charcoal black furniture, fixtures, staircase and selected wall portions.

Shades of charcoal-grey are used for additional furniture and décor elements such as the rug and curtains of the TV/media room. In this room there is a black flat-screen TV that sits flush against a wooden wall panel that extends and morphs into a bookcase on one end. An abundance of light enters and brightens up the space through a large glass window.

Additional windows and sources of light function to brighten up other areas of the home and enhance its modern interior architecture and décor features. The P-house interior design is surely an example of modern living.