Friday, September 30, 2011

Dream House (Interior Design)

I myself have a dream to chase after.. Which means achieving it will mean a lots to me.. I believe home is the most comfortable place to be, especially after spending most of the time work, earning money.. No where else can replace home, sweet home.. So, have you ever wonder or think of designing your dream house? Think of providing a better place for yourself to build a family of your own?? I know money is the biggest factor but let's just say, we don't need to worry about it.. How will you going to design your interior design?
For me, first thing to look at is my living room.. Living room is the place where we spend our evening sitting on our sofa reading novel or magazine in whatever ways we want.. Watching television or just sit down and relax, listening to song and let the music flows.. Pure white will be perfect choice for me because it looks clean and relaxing.. Not going to put too much stuff so that it won't looks messy..
After that, second place which will be very important for me would be my bedroom.. For some people, they might just throw their clothes or things on their bed but sorry, not my style.. I totally dislike stuff on my bed expect my pillow and my blanket.. My PlayStation Portable (PSP) would be acceptable because she been accompanied me for almost 2years..
Well, seen it's so hot now of days.. This bathroom will be just nice.. It'll be perfect if the water comes from waterfall which is cold and refreshing.. I'll have to contact Indah Water and request for that.. x.O Hopefully they able to make it.. Nah~ Diamond water will be enough.. If this really happens, I'll be bathing for more then an hour for sure..
Where am I going to brush my teeth? Hmm.. Since you asked, this will be my ideal design.. That time I'll make sure I brush my teeth three times daily!! Hehe.. Of course I'm going to maintain such clean and tidy status everyday.. From the window, I able to look out and greet "Hello!" to my not so friendly neighbour.. Perhaps after seeing my whitening teeth, she will at least reply me and greet me "Good morning?" I always respect aunty and uncle because we never knows that they might help us in an unexpected ways..
Wow, look at the time! It's dinner time now.. If I'm lucky enough, my gf might prepare some food for me.. Nah~ She won't I guess.. xD At least, it's a nice place to cook and blend some fruit juices.. Look at those huge refrigerator.. It able to store me also.. Lot of lot of fruits inside.. Yummy, im lovin' it =)
Why not we take our food to dining table, my sweetheart? Well, just put those food on the table and I'm going to finish it in no time, I promise.. =P Nothing can compare with this boiled steam soup and I'm can served it just with plain rice.. Important is it's hot and preserved the taste..