Friday, September 30, 2011

Add a touch more exotic to your garden

May have emerged feeling bored, tired in mind when you see the environment in the home even in your garden. So does this mean a sign you should start planning a renovation on your dwelling? Not necessarily well. Think again, the budget funds should you prepare, the time and effort, which certainly is not easy. But have you ever thought for just a little touch of the exotic, especially in the area of ​​your yard? If so, you should consider using plants as well as new elements are exotic to change the look and feel of your residence.

If you’re observant, these changes will of course much more frugal than the renovation or the purchase of new furniture and accessories. In the following article, there are a few ideas you can apply that will add an exotic impression on where you live.

Garden birds

Make your pages more colorful and memorable experience by presenting the sound of birds chirping. The presence of 2, 3 species of birds chirping will certainly make an impact on the feel in your home environment. Indirectly you can also teach your children to love animals by giving them examples of how to care for and feed.

Exotic plants

There are several types of exotic plants that are currently becoming very popular. Among types of bromeliads and anthurium. Both these plants have colorful tropical nuanced, middle trunk colorful bromeliads or unique on anthurium plants that have heart-shaped flowers and very light in color, of course, will become its own variation among roses and tulips that you might have planted in the park.


Orchids are the most popular exotic plants, and even many who regard this plant as the most beautiful in the world. This plant is also easy to grow and the flowers can bloom in a weeks time limit.