Friday, September 30, 2011

Dream Home : Villa Storingavika by Saunders Architecture

Designed by Saunders Architecture in Bergen, Norway, Villa Storingavika combines the modern gesture of wide spanning platforms of space with traditional forms and materials of Bergen’s light-framed timber houses.

This modern house was built on one of the Bergen’s most attractive sites, and is akin to Bergen’s maritime architecture while looking out to the west coast archipelago. Three main materials were used in the project including glass, black-stained fir and oiled Canadian cedar. All of the decorative and aesthetic qualities of the building come from the materials themselves and the dimensions of those materials.

The top floor was designed for the parents and the bottom for their two children that are university students. In addition there is a small guest studio on the bottom floor. The house is a long thin structure with a balcony extruding 6m out of the house that rests on 3 steel poles. The house is clad in black stained wood with natural wood between the window partitions. Even the heating of the house arises out of the conditions of the place. A 200m long pipe extracts the constant heat of the ocean water, and then recycles this heat back into the house to heat the floors. The system uses a fraction of the electrical energy that would otherwise be required for heating

Currently, the office is working mostly in Norway, and has projects in England, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada.